Award and Loyalty Programs with Educational Promotions
Educational promotions are one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to deepen a customer relationship and create loyalty. They can be designed according to business objectives to drive a certain consumer behavior.
  • A collection of content can be bundled with a product, with a new unit of the collection sold over time to encourage repeat purchases to amass the entire collection.
  • Content can be gifted with a product to differentiate it in a crowded marketplace (ex. Purchase a product / open an account, etc.)
  • Loyalty Programs: attractive content that can be earned via repeat purchases or as a reward.
  • Interactive content can be included on a website to drive traffic and increase time spent onsite.
  • Content can be branded and gifted via print or online access cards.
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    Revenue Generation
    Our content can be structured in a pay for access model, and be completely aligned with brand.
  • Access to high-value content can be branded and offered at a discount to customers creating goodwill, and driving a new revenue stream.
  • Scholarships for access to online educational content can be given to generate goodwill, or in exchange for a certain action, or a minimum payment for accompanying materials to reduce or even offset the cost of the promotion.
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    Data Generation and Measurement
    Access to online content can be given once the customer has registered and input the requested information. This data is aggregated and collected on our proprietary analytics platform for use in data analysis.
  • In order to access the online content the customer must register on the site and complete the requested information. This information is captured, and aggregated within our analytics platform.
  • Each data set requested is aligned with campaign objectives, and then aggregated for delivery to the client for use in data analysis and forecasting.
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    Licensing Opportunities
    We partner with companies globally to produce custom white label content or license our branded content for exclusive or non-exclusive use in certain markets.
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